OILDefender First – primary crude oil processing

Small-tonnage block-modular oil refineries (OIL) OILDefender First are designed for processing oil (from 150 to 600 tons per day) or gas condensate (from 90 to 360 tons per day) to commercial fuels at the place of oil production or at the location of consumers of petroleum products. Organization of own production of petroleum products based on OILDefender First equipment is the optimal solution available for most companies wishing to sell petroleum products on the market or to receive fuel or raw materials for their own needs.

By means of OILDefender First equipment, oil products are in demand on the market. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies in the field of oil and gas condensate processing, an excellent clarity of rectification is achieved and high quality of the following petroleum products is ensured:

  • Straight gasoline
  • Diesel fuel
  • Oil

Transition from oil to gas condensate does not require any changes in the design of equipment.

OILDefender Second – getting diesel from fuel oil

Small-tonnage block-modular units of modified thermal cracking OILDefender Second are designed for processing of oil residues (straight-run fuel oil) into light oil products. It is also possible to process heavier residues, for example tar.

Using the modified thermal cracking units OILDefender Second allows increasing the depth of oil refining up to 75% and receiving up to 50% of light oil products. This equipment can be used in conjunction with oil refining (AT) installations of OILDefender Second, or separately.

By processing fuel oil, the plants produce oil products in demand on the market. Thanks to the use of a horizontal distillation apparatus (GRA), excellent clarity of rectification is achieved and high quality of petroleum products:

  • Cracked gasoline NK – 160 ° С (MON – about 70): it is used as a base component for obtaining motor gasoline;
  • Kerosene-gas oil (diesel) fraction (160-350 ° C): it is used as a component of summer diesel fuel;
  • Fraction of motor fuel (350 – 420 ° C): can be used as fuel oil, including for heating the raw materials at the thermo cracking unit itself.

OILDefender Final – production of high-octane gasoline

Especially for small and medium-sized oil refineries, ECODEF designs and manufactures straight-run gasoline processing units for high-octane gasoline with a capacity of 60, 120 and 360 tons per day (by raw materials). The produced product has an octane number according to the research method 92 – 95 and sulfur content corresponding to the requirements of Euro-4 and Euro-5.

Products obtained correspond to the quality stipulated by the technological regulations, provided that the raw materials coming for processing meet the requirements.

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