1. Compactness and block-modular construction.

    Аll equipment is supplied in transportable modules, having the dimensions of a sea container. Due to the block-modularity, ECODEF equipment can be relocated with minimal costs and in a short time.

  2. 100% factory readiness of the equipment. 

    Complete set of installations besides the basic technological equipment includes all consumables required for work within 1 year. It is only necessary to connect electricity as well as pipelines of raw materials and finished products.

  3. Application of horizontal distillation apparatus (GRA). 

    This apparatus weighs 2 times less than traditional vertical distillation columns. The use of GRA makes it possible to reduce the weight of the plants themselves by a factor of 3 compared to installations of the same capacity of other manufacturers.

  4. Serviceability and safety.

    Thanks to the use of GRAs, maintenance of the plants is ensured, and the need for operator work at high altitude is eliminated. The work of the equipment is fully automated. Built-in ACS TP performs the functions of: collection of technological information, automatic control, emergency protection, remote logic control, visualization of information, archiving. The system of emergency protection in the structure of ACS TP allows to minimize the influence of the “human factor” in unforeseen or emergency situations.

  5. On-line commissioning of equipment.

    ECODEF guarantees a minimum time for designing and manufacturing plants. From the date of the order to the shipment of the equipment, the customer passes from 3 to 12 months. 100% factory readiness allows the company’s specialists to put the plant into operation within 20 – 40 days after the equipment is delivered to the Customer site. The modularity of the structure ensures the convenience of transportation, as well as the installation of equipment. During commissioning, ECODEF specialists advise the Customer’s personnel on the practical operation of the equipment.

  6. Environmental safety.

    Equipment of ECODEF fully meets the requirements of industrial safety of the Russian Federation and the environmental requirements of the EU. It has a minimum number of detachable connections and is completely hermetic, which makes it possible to exclude the possibility of emissions of petroleum products and, thus, their harmful impact on the environment.

  7. Fast payback of equipment.

    Thanks to applied design solutions, operation of the units is carried out with minimal operating costs. The modern automated process control system (ACS TP) used in the plants allows using only 2 operators per day to service the equipment. From all types of energy carriers, installations consume only electricity as well as fuel oil or diesel fuel produced at the plants themselves. It is possible to use natural gas. Pumps of the technological module with frequency regulation allow to reduce up to 30% of power consumption and noise, and the heat exchange equipment used – to save up to 40% of the heat necessary for heating the raw materials. Materials and components used ensure high operational reliability of the equipment. Service life of the units before overhaul – 12 years.



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