Plant for biofuel production BIODefender

Equipment for production of biodiesel in the stream.

We manufacture plants for production of biofuels in a stream of any vegetable oils (including used oils) or animal fats for ANY specified productivity.

Biodiesel is a new type of environmentally friendly fuel. The universal biodiesel unit is designed for production of biodiesel from vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, corn, mustard, peanut, castor hemp, sesame, etc.), fish oil, animal fats and methanol technical using an alkaline catalyst, followed by purification by filtering.

Biodiesel is a biological fuel having consumer properties similar to diesel fuel. The principle of the plant is chemical reaction of oils or fats of biological origin with methanol and alkali at elevated temperature, followed by filtration – to produce biodiesel. The by-products of reaction are glycerol and secondary methanol.

The equipment is manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications TU U 29.5-34582279-001: 2006 “Universal plants for production of biodiesel” developed by our company. Biodiesel complies with European standard EN14214, American standard ASTM, manufactured according to TU U 24.1-34582279-002: 2006 “BIOFUEL DIESEL”.

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