About us

ECODEF is international project combining the best design solutions in the field of oil, resource, waste production and human activities.

Mission of the project is restoration and preservation of stable ecological situation in the world by using the latest patented developments of Russian scientists in the field of safe and cost-effective processing of human waste products.

Goal of the project is to popularize and introduce worldwide efficient technologies for processing resources, economic models that not only save the planet’s ecology but also earn on it.

We have at our disposal only the best working design and technological solutions, group of highly qualified consultants, engineers, chemists and physicists. ECODEF team will help develop unique technical and economic model that allows solving the highest and most ambitious goals.

We provide consulting services to assess the raw material base and its economic potential. We individually develop a design technological solution for purposes and tasks of the customer. We build factories, carry out transportation, installation, commissioning, training or hiring the required personnel as well as subsequent service.

ECODEF is a socially oriented international project whose task is to preserve environment and create economic base for business that will guarantee an environmentally safe future today.